Monday, December 22, 2008

Magical honeymoon

Cruise Ship
After you got married there is a logical honeymoon and the majority of people like to travel to the Bahamas, Hawaii or the Caribbean to spend the whole month there with their spouse. But actually there are practially no people who would like to book a flight to Russia - the country of contrasts, the country where the past meets the present, the country where long-lasting traditions are being kept and followed even today. Though Russia is a secular country, we may say that the far corners of it are still existing in the past, therefore preserving the national heritage. So if you are really looking for a romantic vacation, Russian river cruise is what you should consider first of all. Booking a cabin on a ship will be a nice way of spending money on traveling as you will see all the beautiful and picturesque places and meanwhile you will feel the spirit of the Russian Empire - once being the most powerful in the world.
When booking either a Russia or Ukrainian cruise you should consider many factors and the first will be the level of intimacy as there are many cruise ships that can be overcrowded by children and other passangers so it is important to find such a cruise ship that will provide a quite and relaxing atmosphere. Do not forget that you are on the romantic journey!

Russia river cruise is the best journey ever!

River Cruise Ship
Actually, there is no people that know much about Russia. This is a very interesting country and after a long period of Soviet regime it has finally become the secular society with high ambitions to develop all the spheres of their economy at the same time. This glorious country has thousands of places of visit and if you get a visa to Russia - it won't be a problem to admire the beauty and picturesque landscapes of the huge and powerful country.
First of all, you should not forget that nowadays there is no problem to get to this country - all the visas can easily be got and you may start your travel even tomorrow! But what tour to choose? Actually, many people who have already travelled to Russia do recommend Russian river cruises because only traveling by boat you can enjoy the beauty of this country. River cruises have many advantages: you do not miss all the places, cathedrals and churches and the view is much more splendid from Moscow-river or Volga or Neva then just from the ground.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The 44,399 m.t. LPG Carrier Rhourd Enouss

Rhourd Enouss
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation has delivered Rhourd Enouss, 59,392m3 capacity LPG carrier, to Rhourd Enouss Transportation Corp. as an affiliate shipping company of Sonatrach Petroleum Corporation (SPC) of the UK. SPC also is a subsidiary company of SONATRACH of Algeria. The Rhourd Enouss is the second delivery of three LPG carriers ordered by SPC from Kawasaki. Kawasaki had previously constructed four LPG carriers for SPC. Newbuildings of LPG carriers built by Kawasaki now totals 39. The Rhourd Enouss has four cargo tanks of the independent tank type that allows contraction of the tanks due to liquefied cargoes such as NH3 besides LPG at very low temperatures. The cargo tanks are constructed with special steel durable to the lowest temperature of minus 50oC and insulated with urethane foam. Reliquefaction units using threestage compressors, cargo heaters, vaporizers, booster pumps, and aeration fans are also provided to cargo handling at ports. The engine facilitateand cargo section operation is also totally managed by an integrated automation system.
Various machinery and valves of both sections can be monitored and controlled at the central control room. The main engine is the fuel-saving super-long stroke, 2-cycle low-speed Kawasaki-MAN B&W type. Such engines are powerul, economy and profitable for the maritime business. The use of an electric-control lubrication system for the main engine also reduces the consumption of lubricant for cylinders. The Kawasaki SEA-ARROW bow is employed to increase propulsion efficiency since it is effective to reduce wave-making resistance.
The wheelhouse is equipped with advanced electronic navigation installations, which are centralized in a ship-shaped arrangement to increase handling accessibility, and contributed to acquiring the NAUT-OC notification. Furthermore, adoption of the tracking control system ensures the more accurate and safe course-keeping.
The measurements of the vessel are really amazing. The overall length is 204.92 meters and the length between perpendiculars is 200.45 meters. The beam of the Rhourd Enouss is 32.20 meters and the depth is 20.20 meters. While the ship is fully loaded has draft of 12.10 meters. The deadweight of LPG Carrier is 44,399 metric tons and the gross tonnage is 35,306 gross tons.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New sulfur carrier ship built

sulfur carrier ship
Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co. Ltd. has completed the Hestiana, a molten sulfur carrier of 3,599DWT, for Fukurokuju Maritima S. A. reported MarNews. The vessel has a special construction for the specific purpose of molten sulfur transport. Molten sulfur, which is used as a material to produce fertilizers, is now transported from Japan or Korea to China.
The temperature of the molten sulfur should be maintained at 135 - 145oC. If the temperature decreases below 120 oC or increases over 154 oC, the molten sulfur rapidly becomes highly viscous. Thus thermal control is important for transport of the material. An independent tank system is employed for keeping the cargo at high temperature. Cargo ship tanks are made of steel with heat insulation of glass wool, which covers the tank. Inside the tank, heating coils are installed to pass steam and maintain the required temperature. Sulfur has low flammable danger or toxicity to humans. However, molten sulfur contains impurities of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide that are highly toxic. Hydrogen sulfide is very flammable and may cause an explosion.
Accumulation of hydrogen sulfide inside the cargo tank must be avoided. Therefore, vapor containing hydrogen sulfide from the cargo is forcibly ventilated from the air phase of the cargo inside the cargo tank with fans which send fresh air inside. The fresh air is previously heated through the heaters to not cool the cargo. If the vent post line is blocked by the cargo, it may cause a hazard. So the vent line and vent valves are provided with heat tracers to prevent adhesion of the cargo to the vent. The cargo pumps used for cargo handling are the deep well and electric motor driven type.
The ship is rofitable and flexible in operations for the maritime transport companies. The vessel has overall length of 95.02 meters and length between perpendiculars of 89.95 meters. The beam of the ship is 14 meters and the depth is 7.60 meters. The ship has draft of 5.61 meters, while fully loaded. The deadweight of the vessel is 3,599 metric tons and the gross tonnage is 2,849 gross tons.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gas carrier Lalla Fatma N’soumer

Lalla Fatma N’soumer
Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation delivered the 145,445m3 LNG carrier, Lalla Fatma N’soumer (HN:1534), to Algeria Nippon Gas Transport Corporation on Oct. 29, 2004. The
LNG carrier is the third of the 145,000m3 class developed by Kawasaki and designed with 10,000m3 larger capacity than the conventional 135,000m3 type carrier, although the ship dimensions are almost the same as the conventional type. Therefore, the LNG carrier can visit many LNG terminal ports worldwide. Four LNG cargo tanks are of the independent Kawasaki completes LNG carrier, Lalla Fatma N’soumer spherical MOSS type. The heat insulation is the Kawasaki panel system that demonstrates a high heat insulation effect. This insulation system maintains the BOG rate at approximately 0.15% a day. The cargo tanks are installed inside the compartment built with double side shells and double bottom to ensure safety so that the cargo tanks are not damaged directly. The wheel-house is equipped with advanced integrated navigation equipment, which has improved ship operation. Windows around the wheel-house provide a panoramic an invertor is used for the cargo pump to reduce impact to the pipes when
starting the pump. The ship is designed for one-man-bridge operation.
The ship Lalla Fatma N’soumer has overal length of 297.50 meters and length between perpendiculars of 283.00 meters. The beam of the ship is 45.75 meters, depth is 25.50 meters and the draft of the ship fully loaded is 10.95 meters. These measurements are giving to the ship deadweight of 72,533 metric tons and gross tonnage of 111,162 GT. The man engines of Lalla Fatma N’soumer is MHI MS40-2 wikth full power of 26,800 kW which is giving power for speed of 21.32 knots.

The the profitable product tanker High Energy

Naikai Zosen Corporation has completed construction of the 45,000DWT product tanker, High Energy (HN: 83), for Diamond Product Tanker S. . at the Setoda Shipyard. The tanker as the maximum permissible beam o go through the Panama Canal and as the double hull construction in ompliance with MARPOL treaty. Cargoes include petroleum products such as light and heavy oils, crude oil, palm oil, etc. The total cargo tank capacity is 54,000m3. Twelve cargo oil tanks and two slop tanks are provided.
Four types of cargoes (four groups) can be loaded simultaneously. The load capacity
is designed to be 25% volume for each tank. Cargoes are unloaded with four electric motor drive screw pumps of 800m3/h capacity. The High Energy has a slender hull to achieve high speed. A high forecastle is provided to prevent the bow from swashing and increases seaworthiness as a high-speed medium range product tanker, attaining energy saving.
Moreover, adoption of a special rudder facilitates ship maneuvering in a narrow port. Thus the ship operation efficiency has increased totally. The accommodation quarters is isolated from the engine casing to decrease noise and vibration. The crew
can enjoy quiet free time at their accommodation quarters.
The overal length of the ship is 179.90 meters and the beam is 32.20 meters. The depth of the ship is 19.25 meters, with maximum allowed draft of 11.65 meters. With this draft the High Energy has deadweight of 46,874 metric tons with gross tonnage of 28,245 GT. This ship has also very good main engine Hitachi-B&W 6S50MCC with full power of 8,530 kW, which gives to the ship maximum speed of 16.1 knots and the cruising speed is 15.7 knots.

The oil tanker Gaia Pegasus

Gaia Pegasus
Namura Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. has completed the construction and delivery of Gaia Pegasus (Hull No. 247), an ore carrier for Elara Maritima S.A. at its Imari Shipyard. The vessel is the second of the 229,000 DWT ore carrier series developed and delivered by Namura. The vessel has five cargo holds and nine cargo hatches, with two longitudinal bulkheads in the cargo area. The hatch covers are the onepanel,
double-skin, side rolling type with chains for opening and closing, and each cover is operated by one hydraulic oil motor. The vessel is equipped with a long stroke, low-revolution and fuel-efficient 2-cycle supercharged diesel engine, which drives a
large diameter propeller achieving superior propulsive performance combined with the vessel hull form based on Namura’s latest technology and long experience. Special considerations were also given to safety, safeguards against environmental pollution, labor saving and operational economy.
The measurements of the oil tanker are:
- overal length: 319.58 meters
- beam: 54.00 meters
- depth: 24.30 meters
- draft: 18.10 meters
- Deadweight: 229,186 metric tons
- Gross Tonnage: 113,929 GT